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Cheque Pickup Facility

More than services, We deliver financial solutions tailored to your needs.

Use Finco Bank’S Doorstep Banking service to enjoy convenient and hassle-free banking. Repetitive tasks shouldn’t divert you from your work. You may devote all of your time and energy to the expansion of your company when Finco Bank’s Doorstep Banking is available to you.

The “cheque pick-up facility” is a service provided by our bank where we arrange to pick up cheques from a specified location, typically the customer’s home or office, rather than requiring the customer to visit a physical branch to deposit the cheques. This service is designed to offer convenience, especially for individuals or businesses with a high volume of cheque transactions or those who may face challenges in visiting a bank branch.

  • Customers who have cheques to deposit can request the bank to pick them up from a designated location.
  • The bank arranges a scheduled time for a representative or courier to visit the specified location to collect the cheques.
  • During the pick-up, the bank representative may provide necessary documentation or receipts to the customer. This documentation serves as proof of the transaction.
  • After collecting the cheques, the bank processes them for deposit into the customer’s account. This may involve the usual clearing and settlement procedures.
  • The customer may receive confirmation once the cheques are successfully deposited, and the funds are made available in their account.

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