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Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation Bill(DICGC).It was founded in 1978 after the Parliament passed the Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation Act, 1961, that merged the Deposit Insurance Corporation (DIC) and the Credit Guarantee Corporation of India Ltd. (CGCI).

Deposit insurance coverage with the DICGC is mandatory for all banks, including local banks, cooperative banks, regional rural banks, foreign banks residing in India.

National Electronic Fund Transfer

  • It is a fully-owned subsidiary of  Reserve Bank of India and provides deposit insurance.
  • It protects deposit accounts up to a ceiling of INR 5 lakh per bank account holder.
  • If a deposit balance of a bank account holder in a single bank exceeds INR 5 lakh, the DICGC will pay up to INR 5 lakh, comprising interest and principal, if the bank goes bankrupt.
  • DICGC covers various types of deposits, including savings accounts, fixed deposits, current deposits, recurring deposits, etc. It ensures a broad spectrum of deposits held by individuals is protected.
  • By providing deposit insurance, DICGC contributes to maintaining public confidence in the banking system.
  • DICGC also plays a role in creating awareness among the public about the deposit insurance coverage.

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