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Limit per Borrower: 90% of Surrender Value
No. of EMIs:      Is Applicable from time to time
(B.O.D. reserves right to change according to repayment capacity of applicant).
Rate of Interest:7.75% to 8.50% 


1. 90% of surrender value of LIP of LIC and other PVT. Company policy

2. 90% of Principal/face Value of KVP

3. 85% of Principal Value of NSC

5.  (i) No Loan/ Overdraft Facility allowed on LIC Pension Plan Policy

     (ii) Minor Policy will not consider

     (iii) At least 3 Years premium should be paid regularly

  • Facility provide on Realizable Value of Commercial Property up to 60%, On Residential Property up to 70% & on Industrial Property up to 55%
  • Project Term Loan for Business Purpose, Installation of New Machinery. Maximum Period of Moratorium 6 months enough. 
  • Project Loan for purchase of machinery/equipment Loan Tenure maximum 10 years (Including Moratorium Period) 

Processing Fees :-  Processing Fees 0.15 % on Sanction Amount + GST on PF (As per bank Policy From time to tome)

4.Maximum Loan Amount & Margin: Individual housing loans up to a maximum of Rs.60 lacs per beneficiary of Dwelling unit. Subject to prudential exposure limits of RBI from time to time.

Period of Loans:

  • Housing loan may be repayable within a maximum period of 20 yrs. Including Moratorium  of repayment holiday.
  •  Processing Fees : –  Processing Fees 0.50 % on Sanction Amount  + GST on PF
  •  Moretorium: Home Loan for construction maximum 18 month and as per guideline of RBI from time to time.
  • Till completion of consturction, or 18 months from the date of disbursement of first installment of the loan which ever is earlier.
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