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Commercial Vehicle Loans

Limit per Borrower: Maximum Limit Rs.60.00 Lacs
Margin :     Is Applicable from time to time
No. of EMIs:      Maximum 180 Months
(B.O.D. reserves right to change according to repayment capacity of applicant).
Rate of Interest:8.00% to 10.50%
Guarantors:Two guaranter (who holds property in surat district)


  1. Finance up to 75 % of Commercial Vehicle Quotation. (On Road Price)
  2. Branch Manager can sanction loan/limit having credit score more than 650.
  3. Loan committee can sanction upto 600,chairman can sanction  upto 550.
  4. Repayment Capacity (Total Annual Income – Total Approx Annual Exp. – Total Annual Loan Liabilities (EMI*12) = Total Approx Annual Savings. (Finance up to 50% to 60% on Total Approx Annual Savings)

  5. Applicant and/or Guarantor/s required to have permanent residence in surat district. 
  6. Applicant/s & Guarantor/s should complete age of majority as per Law of India   
  7. Copy of Commercial vehicle driving licence of applicant or family member is compulsory. Fitness Certificate of vehicle, P.UC etc.   

Processing Fees :-  Processing Fees 0.15 % on Sanction Amount + GST on PF


2. Repayment Capacity (Total Annual Income –Total Approx Annual Exp. –

      Total Annual Loan Liabilities (EMI*12) = Total Approx Annual Savings.

      (Approx finance up to 50 to 60 % on Total Approx Annual Savings)

3. Purchase of Residential Property, 80% loan amount of sale deed, satakhat, Construction cost will consider. Additional/ supplementary Finance Rs. 5 lacs  to the owner of house/ flat only for repairs ,additions, alterations etc…. irrespective of whether the house/flat is owner occupied or tenement occupied offer obtaining such security as the banks may deem appropriate. BOD /loan committee have reserve right to consider loan amount.  

4.Maximum Loan Amount & Margin: Individual housing loans up to a maximum of Rs.60 lacs per beneficiary of Dwelling unit. Subject to prudential exposure limits of RBI from time to time.

Period of Loans:

  • Housing loan may be repayable within a maximum period of 20 yrs. Including Moratorium  of repayment holiday.
  •  Processing Fees : –  Processing Fees 0.50 % on Sanction Amount  + GST on PF
  •  Moretorium: Home Loan for construction maximum 18 month and as per guideline of RBI from time to time.
  • Till completion of consturction, or 18 months from the date of disbursement of first installment of the loan which ever is earlier.
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